4 Must Implanted Characters for Children

Children must be given character building as early as possible. Several schools are teaching it, one of them is St. Andrews Green Valley. It is the best International School Pattaya that give character building for preparing children’s future.

The growth of a character is better implanted directly by parents from an early age on children so that it will be easier for children to adopt. These are good characters building for children:


Self-awareness is related to hobbies, skills, and talents in children. If parents did not teach children about self-awareness, in the future, children will hard to determine their problem.

For parents, to practice their self-awareness, you need to ask children to try new activities so that they can choose which activities they like.


Empathy is being able to connect deeply with other humans without feeling anxious or afraid of being judged. Although currently, many robot innovations can interact with humans, interactions among humans are the most effective. Parents can help foster children’s empathy by creating a safe environment for speaking without traumatizing judgment.

Emotional Literacy

Emotional Literacy is the ability to see emotional capacity. Children often have difficulty identifying their own emotions. It could be like a robot that has no emotions. Difficulty identifying your own emotions will make you difficult at work.


Creativity is important for future skills. Since we have many technology, many jobs have been replaced by artificial intelligence. To survive, every person needs creativity to get a job.

Give small projects with new ideas to grow child confidence and solve the problem, so that they are accustomed to trying new things and are curious about things they don’t know yet.