App security consideration to ensure your customers’ data is protected – SPARE (Apadmi)

The security of your app should be one of the main elements that are considered when creating the software. With the rise of smartphones in the digital age, the advantage that an app can be for a business can be the difference in delivering a great user experience to grow purchases and generate enquiries.

Because of the sensitivity of users’ data that can be entered into an app, ensuring they’re secure through your app should be your top priority. Personal details such as payment details, name, phone number and address are just some of the information that should be protected from hackers. Make certain that you discuss the security measures of your app with your app developers when in the creation process.

What are the possible risks for your customers?

Many risks of security in mobile apps tend to be around in-app purchases which requires customers to enter their personal details in order to make certain purchases in the app. Considering this relates to addresses and contact details, this could be maliciously used by attackers who could use this information for fraudulent activity.

If your app stores personal information within the app, this can be extremely vulnerable to a security breach. Hackers can use many methods to obtain this information. One of the methods they can do this is through reverse engineering.

Reverse engineering involves the process of hackers duplicating the application code of your app and creating a spoof application. This means users will be downloading your app thinking it’s the right app when in fact, they’ve downloaded a different one that is being used for their personal details.

Data protection can happen to any form of business

Data protection is a common issue for all business, whether small or large. Considering large corporations have so many users, they can be just as vulnerable as smaller enterprises.

Well-known social media platform Facebook were hacked back in April 2019. They were hacked after it was found that their data was stored on an insecure server which has no security measures in place. Consider the amount of users that are on the platform, millions of users information has been deemed to be hacked and accessed.

Even the website’s you think are most secure can be open to breaches, which is why it’s important to practice technical due diligence.

Methods to secure your app

Where you’re a mobile app developer or Alexa developer, you should be familiar with ways that you can secure your app. Here are some that you can implement for your app.

  • Data scrambling: This means scrambling your data so that that hackers find it more difficult to understand what it means
  • Multi Factor Authentication: This is a method to add extra security to your application as it provides an additional layer for your users.
  • Software testing: To ensure the safety of your app, regular testing is important.