Business Strategy Continues to Grow in the Middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world, including Indonesia, changed the habits and lifestyle of the people. In accordance with the government’s recommendation, the community conducts social distancing where the community is urged not to go to crowded places and always keep a safe distance. Eventually, shopping malls were closed, people were active from home, demand was declining, and most businesses were unable to operate as usual. In this situation, business actors need to brainstorm to be able to keep the business stable while demand is declining. Well, in order to formulate the right strategy for your business, first look at 5 (five) strategies to keep your business growing in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creatively look at business opportunities

Basically, doing business means selling solutions to your customers’ problems. When demand drops, it means that the solution your business offers is no longer relevant to the needs of consumers. At a time like this, you need to think out-of-the-box in looking at existing business opportunities. Running a business as usual without adapting to current market conditions can be detrimental to you. To find an idea, you can start by asking how the COVID-19 pandemic affects consumers, what problems are caused, and what solutions to those problems. In short, know consumer problems and create practical and creative solutions. If you are unable to meet consumer issues, you can expand your business using the services of Payday Loans.

As an example, consumers are concerned about the cleanliness and security of food sold in restaurants or restaurants but do not have the time and place to cook every day. You can create a catering business that in addition to providing delicious food, ensuring food hygiene and safety by following the COVID-19 transmission prevention procedure for culinary entrepreneurs. Make a neat plan, think about marketing and delivery points, delivery mechanisms, and factors that influence consumer decisions.

Follow consumer spending trends

Indonesian consumer spending behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic certainly changed. Because consumers do not have much activity outside the home, shopping activities are also done from home. Consumers want to get quality products that are kept clean and safe without leaving the house. As a result, sales are moving from physical stores to online stores and e-commerce. To maintain sales, business owners should move to or add online stores. You can also take advantage of food and goods delivery services to keep reaching your customers. In essence, constantly monitor consumer behavior and desires and adjust business models as needed.

Run a marketing strategy in crisis

In such vulnerable situations, marketing and communication efforts play an important role in maintaining business stability. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses can deliver on whatever efforts they make for consumers and the community in times of crisis. The strategies already reviewed above, such as delivering and channeling through e-commerce, aim to help consumers stay safe while shopping. Communicate these goals to consumers so that consumers know that businesses care about consumer safety and health.