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If you prefer silver rather than gold jewelry, you should not be an exception to choosing a friendship bracelet. In the best case, make sure before you know which jewelry preferences your girlfriend or friend has, so you can make sure that he / she is happy about the bracelet when you give it away. The advantage of genuine silver jewelery against fashion jewelry is that most people can wear it and it does …

Jose Canseco Is Twitter’s Favorite Financial Analyst

Over the last 40 years since their first introduction, credit cards have rapidly become one of the most used methods of payment for goods and services. To members, it is a reminder of the importance of their designation and their professional status, as Benjamin Graham articulated in the first issue of the Financial Analysts Journal. The Financial Analysts Journal plays a critical role in helping members keep up to date with practice-relevant research in the field of investment management and stay abreast of new ideas and techniques.Financial Analysts

The continued implementation of financial regulatory reform could constrict growth in the industry, as rulemaking bodies place a greater emphasis on stability. It is not for everyone, but the requirements are easier, so if you are good at it – you’re all set! The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is the main licensing organization for the securities industry. Given all of these factors, …

Major redesign for Twitter

Twitter has recently released an update for its iOS and Android apps, as well as its website and Tweetdeck, designed to improve the consistency and fluidity of browsing ability for all users of the popular social media site. The new design is being gradually rolled out over the coming weeks, but what exactly does the new update have in store? Read on to discover exactly what you can expect from the redesign.

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Circular profile pictures

Channeling a chat head vibe from the Facebook Messenger app, Twitter now has circular profile pictures. Whilst we’re not sure how this improves the speed of browsing or the ease of use for users, we have to admit it does look pretty good, and provides a more modern look for the overall platform.

Font redesign

Designed to make bolder headlines stand out and look more consistent, this change is in line with Twitter’s …

Thinking of Investing in SIP? Here’s how Long Should you Invest in them

Investing can be a daunting task and if to have good returns in your investment, it is very important to know deeply and thoroughly regarding your investments and the time period, you invest in. One of the question, which vexes almost every mutual fund investor after buying the SIPs (Systematic Investment plan), is how long the SIP should be run. But for all those who does not know what SIP is, let us have a quick glance to what SIP is?

What is meant by SIP?

As meant, Systematic Investment Plan is a regular investment made in mutual funds, which is often confused as the Recurring Deposit in banks. But the major difference in SIP and RD is that the money invested in SIP is done in Mutual funds and not in bank accounts, which faces the market fluctuations as well. Usually investors go for monthly SIP deducting from the …

Which Investment Methods Are Best? New Sophisticated Tools Lead To A New Investment Formula

University at Albany President George Philip applauds a gift from the Financial Analyst Honors Program to President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York William Dudley, who spoke on campus. As a member of the Internal Controls team The Advanced Accounting Analyst will participate majorly in the annual assessment of the Company’s financial controls as required by Sarbanes Oxley. Financial analysts must pay attention to details when reviewing possible investments, as small issues may have large implications for the health of an investment. At times financial analysts work in close coordination with financial planner to reach out to some conclusion related to investment choices.

It is an important metric, if for no other reason because so many people think it is. Analysts normally use two primary measurements of cash flow to get an idea about a company’s valuation. In most cases you will also be CA qualified however, if …