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Business Finance Degree

Whether your business is small and new or large and established you will need adequate finance for the majority of projects, purchases and expansions you’re your business makes. With thousands of British start-ups and SMEs turning to online platforms to raise finance, a coalition of major UK business organisations have launched a new digital guide on different sources of investment and professional advice. Business Grants can however take several months to process so you should always add extra time to your planning so that you get a decision on your grant application before the project is due to start. This certification is relevant for anyone wishing to further their understanding of business finance.

Banks will also expect you to put some of your own money into the business; as a new business venture you may not be able to afford this. It should state how your business will be different …

Preparing for a business trip

For many working professionals, business travel and trips are an important necessity. If you’re new to business travel, then it can help to have a checklist of things to do to help prepare you before you depart. Any successful and stress-free trip starts with a plan, so nothing important is overlooked and you can focus on the task at hand.

How to get there and where to stay

The two most important details to have organised immediately for your trip are transportation and accommodation. You’ll need to think about how you’re going to get from A to B while you’re away, especially if you’re travelling via public transport. If you’re driving, you’ll likely need satellite navigation and information on places to park. Maybe you need to book taxis in advance or organise car hire for your trip.  Hotel availability and cost will need to be researched. For better quality of …

Types Of Business Finance

The Business Finance Guide – a journey from start-up to growth has been devised for businesses and advisers by the British Business Bank and the ICAEW Corporate Finance Faculty, supported by a further 21 major professional, membership and representative organisations. Angel investors understand the needs of a new business through there own experience and are able to advice and aid the companies in many ways. A growing number of finance options have become more established, mainstream and accessible to smaller businesses over recent years, and building their awareness and understanding of those options is a key aim for the British Business Bank. There is a risk if a company’s business activities were to decline that dividend payments could fall or cease.

Seek out the best deals on a wide range of products including in-credit business current accounts, cashback business credit cards and short-term business loans – plus get exclusive deals …


Whether your business is small and new or large and established you will need adequate finance for the majority of projects, purchases and expansions you’re your business makes. But, at the same time, the amount of money realised from the sale of your home may be less than expected, which is a major drawback to using reversion plans. Applicants must hold an approved degree or equivalent qualification from an approved tertiary institution. A business concern makes use of many resources like men, money, machine, materials, methods, markets, etc. The certification will be of benefit to business analysts, project managers and business architects.

John – I know as a Canadian business owner you are looking for financing that will be a major tool in assisting you to grow your business and allow you to reach your sales and profit goals. There are three major risks associated with investing in the share …

What Should I Do To Keep My Business Growing In 2017?

Generally, business owners aren’t satisfied when their organizations reach a certain point of growth and then stop. If you’ve reached a plateau and are frustrated by the standstill, now is the time to take action. Play an integral role in generating your business’s growth now by utilizing some or all of the following strategies:

1. Focus On Employee Development.

This may be the most important business growth strategy on the block. It works for many reasons. First, when you spend a great deal of time with your team in a capacity that demonstrates your desire for them to grow, they will likely recognize that you are genuinely interested in their personal and professional progress. Once this happens, you will likely find that your staff is much more loyal to your company. Another big benefit of employee development is that the skill acquisition process leads to greater proficiency in completing work-related …