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Better Health Outcomes for Women Who Take Part in Clinical Trials?

A new report from London’s Queen Mary University reports that participating in gynaecology and obstetric clinical trials has a positive impact upon health outcomes for the women involved. The report analysed results across 21 studies which involved over twenty thousand women, and made the surprising discovery that the participants increased their chances of improving health outcomes by an astonishing twenty-five per cent, regardless of whether or not the treatment in the trial proved to be effective.

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Women Excluded from Clinical Trials

According to a report in the Guardian, there is a historical exclusion of female participants in clinical trials, particularly regarding biomedical research and toxicology. A spokesperson from Harvard Medical School told reporters that the US government ordered in 1993 that women should be better represented, but there is still a strong tendency to focus on male health outcomes.

Female Participants for Female Health Issues

The spate …