Easy Ways to Drive a Motorcycle Matic Correctly

When you first ride a motorcycle, of course, everyone will feel scared and nervous. Many people think that is a no-no. This is what then leads to endanger yourself.

This nervousness usually arises because of fear of falling and colliding with other motorists. This nervousness is undoubtedly common to beginners.

For those who are just learning to ride a motorcycle, a scooter model is the right choice because it is quite easy. Here are some ways to drive a bike.

1. When you want to start the engine or press the starter button on your hand, don’t forget to press the brake first, and you should use the rear brake so that your right hand can handle the gas handle properly.

2. If you are too used to using a motor with gears, you may not be able to play with the gas settings smoothly because the gas settings between the engine and equipment and also automatic motor are indeed different.

You should know in advance the automatic motor gas, you should be able to partially complete the motor automatic with a rear brake guard lock even though it seems a little slow, but this can help you in maintaining safety.

3. Brake control, rear brakes on non-automatic motors are usually driven with the foot while rear brake automatic motors are driven through the brake levers. When you use four fingers when braking, you can use the rear brake only if you want to brake. Also, make sure your motorcycle has an ABS (Anti Lock Braking System) braking system, so it doesn’t slip when braking suddenly.

Currently, there are many variants of the Honda Matic type and brand that are equipped with ABS features that you can find at Honda motorbikes uk, Honda Wheels.

The important thing is that you must always be familiar with the vehicle you have. Each vehicle has a different way of operating, even though the brand and type are the same. Get to know your vehicle, recognize each of its characteristics, and safety in driving will always be maintained.