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Barre Workouts: What Are They?

You may have heard of “Barre Workouts” already, but is still quite unsure of what it is. The classes use a combination of postures inspired by yoga, ballet and pilates. A part of the promises of Barre Workouts includes helping out its clients in developing lean muscles without bulk.

The Workout Itself

Even though barre has origins in dance, people who have two left feet don’t have to worry. You will not need any dance experience and you won’t be asked to perform any pirouettes or any dance moves. Instead, most of the barre classes do the same basic structure. Each person will need to start the workout with a mat-based warm up which includes planks and pushups, a series of arm work outs and thighs exercises.
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As for the gear that you will be using, the exercises are typically bodyweight only, but you may also utilize resistance bands and light hand weights to level up the arm exercises. While there are a huge number of studios which will ask you to wear socks during the classes with sticky grips on the bottom, some of them will also allow you to participate in the classes barefoot.
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The main difference between the typical strength training and barre classes is that instead of more compound and larger moves, you will be doing smaller and lighter movements which are referred to as isometric movements. These small movements will be able to put your muscle on fire and make it more elastic, but not to huge to tear up the muscle itself.

The Benefits and Advantages

A lot of experts agree that the tiny movements can help people get stronger. Also, one will be able to target multiple muscle groups at once. You will also be able to improve your mind and body connection as this workout will also give you the chance to meditate. By making sure that you achieve the right movements and poses, you may also be able to lose some extra fat and weight during your classes. In about three weeks to three months, depending on your body type and fitness level, you will most probably be able to see and feel changes.

The Most Recommended Studio to Receive Classes From

You will want to take classes from a studio that has instructors who knows what they are doing. If you do not want your money to go to waste, you would want to conduct at least the most basic research about the studio you’d want your class to be taken in. Physique 57 would be an excellent example of a great studio that will most probably be able to assist you as its owner herself, Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi, has great knowledge about Barre Workouts. If you wish to learn more about barre workouts and how it can help you, it is recommended that you try out Physique 57’s online classes today!