Online Poker: an Announced Success

Moving towards the present day, among the novelties we find live casino siteleri and platforms specially created for mobile devices. Thanks to the advent of streaming, it was possible to create the table market in real time: initially quality left something to be desired, but currently platforms such as Playtech and Evolution Gaming have reached very high levels. The rise of mobile phones has allowed casinos to be able to invest huge sums in app development, reaching the point that mobile games are the most widespread and with a really wide choice.After the casino boom, betting comes: the introduction of online sports bets dates back to 1996 with the Intertops forerunner who allowed others to take this path.In 2002, several bookmakers introduce live betting, allowing customers to bet live during the sporting event. In 1998, Planet Poker arrives on the market. We are at the dawn of the internet: the connection was very slow, and the game did not always work properly. The technical problems were wasted, and often for days the poker room could not be accessed. But the future is upon us, and these problems are solved within a few years with the appearance on the market of avant-garde competitors like “Paradise Poker”, released in 1999 and equipped with many variants that attracted many people. But the real event of the sector took place in 2003 with the victory at the World Series of Poker, by Chris Moneymaker: he won 2.5 million dollars generating emulation phenomena.

The origins of Italian gambling date back to 2011 with the first legalization of online gambling. Following the decree, 5 billion euros were invoiced, despite the concessions going to a few. To introduce the slots in the platforms we have to wait until 2012. But success is assured also in our country, and within a few years online casinos are exponentially increasing: the operators of the Italian lottery sector have taken the field (lottomatica, snai and sisal ) and also international bookmakers who have decided to start a very profitable and profitable business in Italy.