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Kaftan Dress: A Closet Must-Have Every woman should have either a kaftan dress or top in her closet. Long ago, only Persian men wore kaftans. Now, modern kaftan dresses are designed for women. On that note, there are many colorful and differently styled kaftan dresses to choose from. Traditional kaftan clothes were loose and long with flowing sleeves. They were originally used by Middle Eastern men. Moreover, kaftans were produced using silk or cotton. In those times, the kaftans were conservative and though there were made in different colors, the colors were rather simple. Prints or patterns were the only variation seen on kaftans. In other words, kaftans, back in the day had limited designs. However, kaftans dresses have evolved and have adapted many styles that are less conservative. They are now available in far more different color variations. They can also be made with different materials other than cotton or silk. Now, they are available in bolder and more elegant patterns and designs. Some kaftan dresses still follow the traditional style that was meant to cover the person’s whole body. Now, there are modern kaftan dresses are designed to show some skin. Unlike before when kaftan reach down to a person’s ankles, women now were kaftans in different lengths.
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If you look online, kaftans are also available with a halter cut while some of them have spaghetti straps instead of those long flowy sleeves. There are also sheer kaftan tops that are sexier with plunging necklines.
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But that is not all, the length of kaftan garments have also undergone some changes. There are kaftan tops that extended only down to a woman’s hips or waists. There are so many kaftan designs to check out and they are designed to suit various occasions. In other words, kaftan dresses can be worn even on casual occasions. It is worth noting that modern kaftans are designed to flaunt a woman’s curves. Kaftans can be worn as a cover up while a woman is at the beach. These kaftans are made with light or mesh fabrics. There are kaftans designed for formal occasions. Typically, these ones are drapy and long. They can have sparkling accents or very intricate embroidery. These types of kaftan may be made with satin and velvet or other shiny fabric. Because kaftans are both stylish and comfortable to wear, more and more ladies love them. Many women choose a kaftan that would make them feel more attractive. Rest assured that whatever style of kaftan dress you may choose, it is not going to be like the traditional versions. There is surely one that will suit your taste, your purpose and your style. The good thing is that you can now buy kaftan dresses online. Go to this address to find a kaftan perfect for you.