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CEO, Mark Hurd Is Ready With revenue reaching 37 million dollars annually, Mark Hurd and Oracle represent one of the world’s most dominant technology companies. Year after year, people from various walks of live with diverse purpose in attending, voyage to San Francisco to become one of the many at Oracle’s OpenWorld conference. Mark Hurd, CEO, has put in the legwork and passion to earn a large part of the credit in Oracle’s recent years. It’s not only the work that Hurd does that improves Oracle, but with what conviction he does it. Hurd does not move around with a pack of note taking assistants, in fact he is very well known for his memory. This allows Hurd to have a focus on his varied day to day duties that revolve around ensuring Oracle gets to have a future in the ever changing tech industry. Hurd’s role as CEO requires him to create and grow a unified mission for oracle while at the same time deploying that mission on all fronts. Additionally, Hurd’s role as CEO puts him in the unique position to lead the organizations leadership in a way that causes Oracle to be prepared to reach into new markets, or to expand in markets where Oracle has already proven itself as an industry leader.
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As CEO, when Mark Hurd is not developing the strategic direction of Oracle, he is regularly found in the public arena, giving interviews, keynote speeches, and participating in local community as well as state events.Hurd will be at OpenWorld 2016, as an example of his involvement in the public, where he will meet with professionals, customers, and organizational representatives to push the Oracle name beyond what it already means.
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At OpenWorld 2016 some of the biggest names in the tech industry will be showing up alongside Hurd to talk about the important topics that matter to people like me and you, while at the same time reaching out to larger organizations to address interests and concerns that they will have to engage over the next year. This kind of conference represents the fruit of Hurd’s labor at Oracle, and is being celebrated September 18-22 2016. Hurd’s goal at the end of the day is to ensure that all of his efforts are not lost in a failure to collect and manage the information gathered, which is why he also takes that information to make adjustments to different departments in Oracle to ensure the highest return from the effort invested. Hurd is a pivotal key player who is instrumental in deciding the future at Oracle. With Hurd’s engagement and investment into the future of Oracle, there is little concern that Oracle will not be amongst the top in the tech industry for years to come.