Popularity of bathroom wooden floors

The floor of any bathroom has always been a contentious issue in the recent past with the majority of individuals concluding that one has to have vinyl for safety, while others prefer carpet for comfort and warmth reasons. Nevertheless, we have witnessed a growing trend in which wood has been used for flooring in bathrooms with the aim of attaining a combination of both warmth and practicality.
The main reason as to why bathroom wood floor has increased is due to the benefits that accompany wood floor ranging from strength, warm, comfort to durability. A bathroom wood floor can be easily cleaned and at the same time offers a more giving surface as compared to other flooring materials. Bathroom wood floors are protected by a waterproof coating that keeps the wood safe from water damage. There have been situations where the bathroom wood floor is protected from water by a rug. A bathroom with hardwood floor adds class and value to a home as compared to other flooring option. Wood is not as slippery as compared to tiles thus highly preferred by many homeowners. Hotels.com sheds more light on this.
However, wooden bathroom floors will require an extra care so as to get the best appearance. The Wooden floor should not get wet floor so long as it can swell and cause permanent damages. Even though wood floors come along with a protective layer finish it is worth bearing some cleaning tips in mind when caring for real wood floors. Some of the quirky cleaning tips for wooden floors include removing water marks with Brazil nut oil, mayonnaise or even applying toothpaste.
The appeal and attraction of real wooden floors will never end, and many individuals are now utilizing wood as a flooring solution for every room in their houses. Wooden floors were initially popular in lounges, hotel dining rooms, and hallways, but we have witnessed wood floor making its way into the bathroom and, whether real or effect, the wood look is here to stay.