Why Javea Property Is Your Next Investment

If you’re tired of the high-rise cities, hustle and bustle of every-day life in the UK, Javea is most definitely worth your time. If you’re thinking about investing in property abroad, or looking for a holiday home, or retirement villa, here’s why Javea should be the place to start looking. A small, historic town of the Costa Blanca, Javea offers a relaxing, easy-going holiday atmosphere in which to indulge its culture, cuisine and climate. Only a 90-minute drive from Alicante, Javea is the perfect getaway for families looking to invest in a holiday property.

The beaches on the Mediterranean are gorgeous and range from the popular open stretches to the smaller and lesser known cove-style beaches on which to share a quiet afternoon. What’s even more appealing is the variation of views and scenery of the area. Aside from the sand and sea, Javea also offers mountainous landscapes and gorgeous walks across lush greenery outside of the town. The locals are welcoming, friendly and just as easy-going as the small café’s and atmosphere of the village streets. You’ll find fellow expats and a community among popular golf resort villas, restaurants and local bars. So, whether you’re after the traditional taste of Spain, the local culture and language, or a meet-up with some Brits over a beer – Javea has all sides of the spectrum on offer.

Unlike modern properties in the UK, the villas for sale in Javea have all the expected modern facilities, style and minimalist interiors, balanced beautifully against the backdrop of the charming and historical fishing village. A walk to the harbour will see views of luxury yachts contrasting with old traditions of fishing boats and mongers working across the peer. The port also has a number of quaint café’s, bars and eateries with a view of the Mediterranean sea. So, not only can you relax in the climate of the Med, with a cocktail in hand, you can enjoy the benefits of a Mediterranean diet and the mixed, cultural cuisine that comes from traditional Spanish recipes and more modern, evolved dishes with both Spanish and Greek influences.

Javea is an idyllic break from the dreary climate and busy lifestyle of the UK. So, if you’re looking for a Spanish property, look no further. Javea has it all.